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BMS connections

run custom designs

Easy maintenance with minimum cost

Does not smell, dust and pests

Reduce pollution and increase the oxygen environment

Smart nutrition and irrigation system

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درباره توسعه تامین سما سبز

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We offer you the products of the company


The system covering the stairs for interior applications, fences and separators (partitions)

Wallflore SOFT-i

The system covers the wide stairs to cover internal walls of the buildings and tall


The green coverage is an affordable system that is designed solely for parking

Wallflore SOFT-e

A new simplified model of the wall system classic flora. Can be used in the external environments


Animated solutions to the unique nature of the space inside your living environment. Installation by qualified and trained agents and network wall will form our flora


View water system, with or without external insulation

innovative greening systems


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وال فلور و محیط زیست

Wallflora and environment


CO2 out of the building takes place through heating and cooling systems to its exit of vehicles is second in importance.

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تکنولوژی (فناوری)

Technology (technology)


The structure of the Panel (frame) and all the components of the system Clipboard with mineral salts are in contact of degenerative aluminium coated steel or high-quality, has been made.

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Beautiful biology


The ability to run in vertical environments
The ability to run on internal and external spaces
Create a variety of designs with paintings, vegetation The ability to use in advertising environments The possibility of use in different dimensions High plant density

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